Software Engineer
Vancouver, Canada
Hi, I’m Ari. I write software. Let me help you solve your problem.



I am a full stack software engineer with a particular focus on building web experiences and interfaces that excite. I love solving problems and delivering creative solutions using a variety of technologies. During a normal day you would see me using a good mix of Javascript (using both Node and React), HTML and CSS for both small and large projects.

My work experience has led me to build web applications for the e-commerce and health care sectors and my education has led me to research the impact of interfaces on user experiences. I hope to promote designing for usability.


Javascript, Typescript, Java, Python, C, C++, HTML, CSS, SQL, GraphQL

I've recently been enjoying playing around with Rust, WebAssembly and WebGL


Vue.js, React, Alpine.js, Node.js, Express.js


Git, AWS (ECS, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB), Docker, Webpack, Vite, Cypress, Figma, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop


2017 - 2021
Senior Software Engineer (Front End) / Software Engineer (Front End)
  • Maintained the public facing e-commerce website and internal applications using Javascript (Vue, Angular) and Java.
  • Implemented and maintained features for customer experience, reviews, checkout, account management, catalog management, experimentation, tracking, and warehouse management.
  • Introduced a first cut of a design and component library in collaboration with UX.
  • Introduced Cypress and Jest as company standard test tooling.
  • Participated in scrum, design reviews, code reviews, hiring and new hire training.
  • Initiated and participated in the integration with many third party tools and services (eg. Algolia, Contentful, Paypal, Stripe).
  • Initiated and drove migration from legacy Play framework to Vue for the full Article website.
  • Involved in a re-architecture of the technology stack including introducing Vue SSR, Node and GraphQL which improved website speed and reliability.
2013 - 2017
Orion Health
Intermediate Software Engineer / Junior Software Engineer / Graduate Software Engineer
Assisted in bringing the Medicines healthcare software product from inception to market. Experience with the full range of software development practices through design, implementation and support utilising Agile software development with Scrum, BDD and TDD. Development using primarily Javascript and Java. Comprehensive testing practices with automated testing using JUnit, Selenium, Docker and Bamboo.
2010 - 2011
General Dynamics - Mediaware
Internship developing test suites for the EditEngine Desktop video editing software product. Development in C++ and Python.
2011 - 2014
Australian National University
Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)

Coursework: Algorithms, Databases, Software Analysis & Design, Concurrent & Distributed Systems, Information Theory, Managing Software Development, HCI, Psychology, Accounting & Economics.

Honours thesis in human-computer interaction, building and evaluating interfaces for communicating the software development process. Published a paper and presented results at the OzCHI '14 conference.

Portfolio Website, 2017 - 2021
With a team, built and maintained the full website experience on cart page browse page review page search page support page mobile pdp example

Pixel Component Library, 2018
In collaboration with UX, built and maintained a style guide and component library used in internal and externally facing software projects.

Furniture AR Viewer, 2021
As part of an exploratory project, implemented an augmented reality furniture viewer on the website.

Warehouse Scanner App, 2017
Implemented a warehouse management tool to improve accuracy and efficiency while moving stock.

Medicines Web App

Orion Health, 2014 - 2017
Built Medicines features and maintained the Medicines web application for managing patient medications in healthcare settings.
Orion Health Medicines

Visualising a Live Coding Arts Process

Research Paper / OzChi '14, 2014
Published a research paper based on the results of the undergraduate thesis.
Visualising a Live Coding Arts Process Paper

Art and Understanding through Code Visualisation

ANU Undergraduate Thesis, 2014
Explored methods of code visualisation and conducted user studies to determine their effectiveness.

Social Landscape

Android App, 2013
As part of a university project alongside an external company, our team implemented an Android app for displaying population statistics.


I publish side projects, experiments and code across Github, NPM and CodePen.


As a side project, I occasionally publish paintings on Youtube (@art-by-ari).

This Website ;)



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